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Get the Look: Anne Hathaway Catwoman Inspired Makeup


This summer’s big thing at the cinemas is more than your run-of-the-mill shoot ‘em up thriller. Instead, it’s action-packed superhero films, translated right from the pages of your favourite DC and Marvel comics — and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

From Gwen Stacy to Natasha Romanoff, there’s more than just a few feisty females to choose from, so keep reading for a wearable Catwoman makeup tutorial inspired by Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises.

Get The Eyes

Selina Kyle’s eyes are typically done with (what else?) cat-eye liner and eyeshadow in live-action movies, so use that as your guideline for the “mood” and tweak the look depending on your eye shape.

Start with a nude, matte eyeshadow base, blending a skin-toned shadow across the entire lid and through the browbone. Then, add a warm brown  in the crease and/or on the outer third of your lid for more depth, and fill your brows with sharper, more angular definition than you’d use for an everyday look.

For a messy black eyeliner look, take a creamy black gel or pencil eyeliner along your upper lashline, adding a thick wing on the outer corner. Quickly smudge the line using a smudge brush or cotton bud, then bring the same product through your upper and lower lashlines and waterlines, smudging softly as you go.

Set your black eyeliner with a powder eyeshadow for longer wear time, and finish the look with mascara or false lashes.

Get The Lips

For the lip in this look, apply a vibrant red lipstick to your entire lip area. For longer wear, layer a lipliner underneath; for a more wearable lip (as featured in this post), blot the colour down after ensuring you have an even layer.

Choose a neutral-leaning-blue lipstick for your classic Catwoman makeup look, and be sure to pick a finish that’s free of frost and shimmer.

Get The Cheeks

To mimic Anne’s sculpted cheeks and fair skin, pair ample concealer with strongly-contoured cheeks. Don’t cheat on your skintone, but instead create the illusion of lightness by using a skin-finish hilighter under the eyes and on the high points of the face.

For a more run-down look, add a blusher with almost ruddy undertones (choose something that’s just slightly too warm for your skin) to your cheeks and the outer edges of your smokey eye.

So there you have it, your step by step guide to achieving the purrrfect Catwoman look – whether you choose to add the ears and the mask is entirely up to you…

Will you be embracing your inner super hero and trying out our Catwoman look? Let us know @SheSaidBeauty #SuperHeroMakeup

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