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Product of the Day: Crème de la Mer The Mist


There are a few skin care products that become absolute essentials at this time of year, and a face mist is one of them. Air-conditioning, central heating, and biting cold winds are taking their toll on our skin. It stings when we’re outside in the cold, it tingles when we come into the central heating, it really doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going. The end result of all this is terribly dry skin making applying foundation a messy job. This is where a mist comes into play and today we’re are completely in love with Créme de la Mer The Mist - apart from just looking super chic it’s actually the one thing standing between our skin and total winter annihilation.

The magic is in the negative-ion water in the mist; sorry for getting all ‘science’ about it but this rather clever innovation basically gives the skin more energy – it hydrates and soothes as well with marine and botanical extracts. We use it all day both under and over make-up (it doesn’t smudge make-up and makes your foundation look refreshed). At £50 it’s not exactly cheap but you can’t put a price on great skin.

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