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Scents and Sensibility


There’s so much we love about winter – warm clothes, cosy blankets, a comforting cup of hot chocolate and an uplifting scent. Ever wondered why we get attracted to fragrances with warm, spicy or sweet notes when the temperatures drop? “Winter means darkness and bitter cold; all our senses are programmed to pick up things which are warming, cheering and comforting. Our olfactory senses also work the same,” says James Craven, perfume archivist at Les Senteurs.

There’s no doubt that a perfume proclaims your personality and choosing the right one can be an emotional exercise. According to Craven, perfumes are a “genie in a bottle,” it can make you confident, sexy, energised, dull or aggressive. In winter, these needs are multiplied. “Most people tend to look for a quick in winter. This can be in the form of a warm, spicy meal or a luxurious cashmere throw. They unconsciously make us feel better. A perfume is just the same,” says Craven.

Hence it’s of little wonder that we lean towards spicy, heavy or sweet, balmy scents. “This winter, scents with colour and a blanket-like quality are going to be really popular. Orientals (typically warm and spicy scents), semi-Orientals, sweet, fruity, woody scents would be the best picks,” says Craven.

Keep in mind that winter perfumes should have rich scents with sweet notes like amber or vanilla. Choosing a stronger scent is also crucial, as soon as the perfume touches your skin, your natural body heat will intensify the perfume, causing the fragrance to emit and become noticeable. As always give it time; at least 24 hours.

“A mid-winter scent should be joyous keeping the festivities in mind, voluptuous and comforting,” says Craven.

Choosing the perfect fragrance can be a daunting task; so we’ve selected five perfumes that will keep you wonderfully scented this season.

Gantier Ambre Dore (£100 for 100ml edp) has the perfect mixture of Oud and Amber. This traditional oriental perfume with hints of coriander, sandalwood and cedar wood is akin to luxurious velvet.

An unabashedly gourmand fragrance (fragrances containing edible notes like Vanilla, chocolate etc)  Parfumerie Generale Aomassai (10) (£81.50 for 50ml edp) has top notes including caramel, cinnamon and pink pepper while at its heart are bitter orange and exotic woods. Delicious!

Chanel Coco Noir (£75 for 50ml edp) is loaded with seduction.  It contains top notes of grapefruit and Calabrian bergamot; a heart of rose absolute, jasmine absolute, narcissus and frankincense among others. It’s for the real femme fatale.

Cloon Keen Atelier Castana (£65.00 for 50ml edp) by is another perfect classic perfume. Haitian vetiver, jasmine, hints of cardamom, red pepper and roasted chestnuts will transport you to a winter wonderland!

Shimmering with sensuality, Bvlgari Jasmin Noir L’Elixir (£58.65, 50ml) contains top notes of orange and pink pepper while the heart is sealed with jasmine absolute and tuberose. It’s a decadence overload.

Do you change your fragrance for the winter months? Let us know what your favourite is at @SheSaidBeauty




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