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Get the Look: Gothic Statement Lips


This fall brings the surprising trend of gothic makeup, and (as we’ve seen a lot over the past year or three,) an emphasis on the statement lip. Gothic eyes can be hard to wear at the best of times, and aren’t always the easiest to pull off depending on your lid shape, so here’s another way to wear the trend — this time on the lips rather than the lids. Keep reading for an autumn/winter 2012 trend makeup tutorial on how to get a dark, ombré statement lip. 

Get The Eyes

For a lip as bold as this one, you really want to focus the attention away from the eyes. Keep your lids and lashes polished, but not attention-grabbing — try pairing a matte, skin-toned lid with your favourite mascara, and be sure to keep your eye area alert and awake with brow powder and undereye concealer.

We love creamy eye bases for a seamless, natural lid look, so try a MAC Paint Pot or Laura Mercier Eye Canvas in a matte or satin finish in place of eyeshadow.

Get The Lip

The lip is really the key feature in this look, so do it last and be sure to keep your products on-hand throughout the night to touch up as needed. Start by applying lip balm (before you do the rest of your makeup), then remove it and gently exfoliate your lips just before adding colour to them. Next, apply a lip base underneath your colour products — something like the Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion.

Then, move on to adding colour. Work with lip liners for a longer-lasting lip, eye liners for a broader colour range (but not necessarily lip-safe pigments), or lipsticks for a more comfortable finish.

The lip in this post features three main colours: a black eyeliner around the lip line, a violet eyeliner in the midground, and a wine-red lip pencil in the very center. Look to products like the MAC Lip Pencil range. (Plum, Vino, and Beet would make a gorgeous gradient.)

Finally, top the lip off by adding a layer of clear lipgloss, using a lip brush. Within the clear spectrum, though, you still have choices: try the MAC Clear Lipglass for a high-shine finish that really focuses on colour, or Shiseido Luminizing Lip Gloss in Rainbow for a glossy finish with multicoloured glitter accents.

Will you be channeling your inner gothic princess and rocking this look? Show us your versions @SheSaidBeauty #GothicLips

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