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Blue smokey cat eyes (main)


Get the Look: Into The Blue


One of the great things about a smokey eye is that there are so many ways you can do it. By tweaking the silhouette of your eyeshadow by just a few millimetres, you can change the entire look — so why not have fun with it? Keep reading for a blue smokey eye tutorial that can be worn three ways (and changed in the blink of an eye.)

Get The Eyes

The easiest way to do a graphic smokey eye is to sketch out the shape first, and fill it in afterwards. Start by shading the silhouette of where you want your eyeshadow to be, applying sparingly and tweaking the outline with a cotton bud as you work.

Once you have your shape sketched out (on both eyes!), start filling it in. Apply a bright, shimmery medium-blue in the center of  your lid using a damp brush, blending toward the edges, then add a shimmery highlight (try a light lilac or a white-pink for a more complex look) to the inner corner. Next, add your wing with a matte navy blue, making sure to blend it well with the middle-lid shade.

Take the product leftover on your brush along your lower lashline, and buff out the edges of the entire shape. Add eyeliner and mascara, then step back from the mirror to re-evaluate. Use the medium-blue to tweak your edges and bring them out more, or (this is the cool part) simply use a dry cotton bud followed by a matte skin shade to lessen the cat eye until you feel comfortable with it.

Get The Lips And Cheeks

Because blue smokey eyes are a pretty big focal point on their own (and winged eyeshadow is even harder to pull off), try keeping your lips and cheeks fairly unobtrusive for this look. Remember, though: “unobtrusive” and “nude” aren’t always the same thing, so pick a colour that works well with your skintone, whether it’s a light pink or a caramel brown.

For an even more coherent look, use the same product on both your lips and cheeks. A multi-purpose product–like the MAC Casual Colour collection, or Bobbi Brown’s Lip and Cheek Pots–are a great choice, as are cream-finish lipsticks. For an even more airbrushed look, apply the product to your cheeks using a foundation brush, blending quickly and buffing out your edges as you work.

Set the look with powder and you’re ready to go!

Products Used:

EYES – Colour: Annabelle Mono Eyeshadows in B-Ray and Lagoon, Senna Eye Shadow in Fantasy, NYX Eyeshadow in Black, and MAC Eye Shadow in Blanc Type.

EYES – Other: Annabelle Smoothie Jumbo Eye Pencil in Licoriche, Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara in Extreme Black, and Ellis Faas Eyeliner in Black.

FACE: MAC Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour in Have A Lovely Day!Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Light, and Marcelle Face Powder in Translucent.

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