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Get the Look: Floral Festival Hair


Floral hairstyles are always a big feature of music festivals, but this is a different take on things: instead of a large, cumbersome headpiece, this tutorial features a “wreath” of small, bright flowers worked into a set of braids —  no trips to the arts & crafts store needed. Read on to learn how you can re-create this look with nothing more than a pair of elastics, a couple of bobby pins, and a few small- or medium-sized flowers from the garden.

Start With A Base

The look photographed here features straight hair and two French braids, but don’t be afraid to add more body before braiding. Styling the remainder of your hair gets a lot more difficult after you have the braids in, so start by straightening, curling, or blowing out the remainder of your hair!

If you plan on being outside in the heat & humidity all day, try emphasising your hair’s natural state rather than changing it. Add a curl cream to naturally wavy hair and dry with a diffuser; leave straight hair straight; or add big, bouncy waves to hair that has a tendency to curl on its own.

Add The Braids

To start off the braids, part your hair somewhere near the centre. (If you have a really severe side parting, your braids might end up uneven — try a floral wreath or a separate braided hairpiece instead.) Then, choose a direction and style for the braid: do you want to frame your hairline, or create a circlet?

For both styles, mix a French braid with a regular one, adding hair to the braid from only the side facing your hairline (to frame your face) or the side closest to your parting (to create a cascade braid). Continue to braid as far down the hair shaft as possible, tying off each braid at the ends, and tucking the braids under one another to hide the ends. Secure with bobby pins, “weaving” the pin in one direction, then turning it back on itself to maintain the tension.

Finish With Flowers

Finally, finish off the look with the addition of flowers. Music festivals typically see a lot of large wreaths and big, punchy flowers, but for something a little different (and a little more comfortable), small flowers are an often-overlooked choice.

Using individual or clustered flowers with stems of no more than four or five centimeters, lace a pair of closed tweezers through your braid from the bottom/scalp side. Then, open them up to grab hold of a flower’s stem, and pull the stem back down into the braid itself to secure the flower. 

Spritz the entire look with hairspray to help it withstand the heat, and you’re good to go!

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