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What is Natural Beauty?


Natural beauty is enigmatic. What does natural beauty really mean? What does it truly mean to be a natural beauty? To one person the term could mean something completely different compared to another. Is a naturally beautiful woman someone who is drop dead gorgeous? Does she look lovely without makeup? Are you even allowed to wear makeup and still be naturally beautiful? These questions will spark a million answers. Everyone has a different opinion on what is beautiful and even more so what is naturally beautiful. But surely there is a common ground that people can and may agree upon?

A quick Google image search of “natural beauty” will bring you to an array of different, but still quite similar photographs. The women in each picture are all stunning. Some more than others, but they all have one thing in common – the “natural” look. Each picture (that does not involve actual nature) presents a woman with a fresh face who is glowing and looks like she just stepped out of a pool of natural spring water. Most of the photographs give you the sense they have been slightly or even fully photoshopped. And it is easy to tell which ones are “natural” and which ones have been slightly altered. A percentage of these pictures could present the wrong idea of natural beauty. Do we just mean to look natural and not necessarily be natural?

Emma Watson is famed for her understated beauty. She tries to avoid wearing makeup during the day. The radiant actress thinks more females should embrace their natural look. She recently gushed about the French pharmacies saying, “I love French pharmacies. I’m obsessed – I could spend hours. They take a very medical, pharmaceutical approach to the face. I love the French – less is more look – there’s something very classy about it. It’s so sad when people hide themselves behind too much makeup.” And Emma’s secret to gorgeous skin is facials. She mentioned, “I love having facials. I think it makes more of a difference to how I feel than a full-body massage does. You feel so fresh and new. And eye drops… genius! The anti-redness ones are so good.” Emma’s approach to beauty is natural. But is it something every woman could do? While baring a fresh and makeup-free face during the day works for those who already have flawless to nearly flawless skin, sometimes those who don’t have such a luxury need certain products.

Let’s go back to one of the original questions. Are you even allowed to wear makeup and still be naturally beautiful? The answer to this question can be yes and no. If a woman is deemed to be wearing too much makeup, she will not be considered naturally beautiful. It will actually be assumed she is not as beautiful as she is trying to portray. On the other side, if a woman is wearing little makeup or just enough to cover flaws then she will most likely be considered a natural beauty. Makeup that is used to enhance, not hide, is considered natural. Everyone is always saying, “Enhance your natural beauty.” Play up your eyes, lips, cheek bones, whatever it is somehow has deemed the best asset in your arsenal. Even in the face wash adverts, the same ladies who are splashing water on their faces and “cleaning” their faces are still wearing makeup. Makeup that is not noticeable (or slightly noticeable) helps create natural beauty.

The Dove Beauty Campaign highlights the worst of what is supposed to be natural beauty. Companies take a “naturally” beautiful woman and give her a complete makeover. Putting on beautifully designed makeup and giving her a lovely hairdo, she is then photographed. That picture alone is probably quite fantastic. However, a lot of companies will continue to photoshop the picture to make the woman look “better”. While the companies want to sell their products and a symmetrical face is more appealing to consumers, people get a distorted impression of beauty. Why? Because the end product does not exist in real life (except for some superhuman gorgeous lucky ladies). The ads mean well, but in the end do nothing to help us figure out what true, natural beauty is.

To be natural, truly and completely natural, we would have to stop doing everything we do. We have hair on our bodies. Technically it is unnatural to shave or pluck. It would be unnatural to wear makeup because it covers what we were born with. Most of our grooming habits could be considered “unnatural.” But when asked to pose in a magazine “naturally” they don’t ask the models to stop grooming. The model will either not wear any makeup, but still look impeccable or the model will have makeup on to make it look like she may not be wearing any. However, no one wants the world to stop grooming.

WikiHow has steps to becoming a natural beauty – believe that you are beautiful, clear up your skin and even the tone, get healthy hair, brush those pearly whites, don’t make the makeup obvious, get some exercise, and get enough sleep. Daily grooming and healthy activities make a natural beauty? Most people could agree with these steps. Taking the time to improve on yourself will yield naturally beautiful results. And the steps given are steps that each and every person could potentially do. We all wash our faces, brush our teeth, sleep and do everything on the list.

Natural beauty can be defined in many ways by many different people. While someone can come out and say, “Natural beauty is…”, there is no one who can tell you what natural is. Natural beauty is defined by what you feel is most natural for yourself. Natural beauty is what is most comfortable to you. You define what natural beauty is to you. What is natural is what is comfortable to us. Wearing makeup is natural to some ladies. Not wearing makeup is natural to some ladies. There may never be just one answer for what natural beauty is.

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