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Can You Really Avoid Washing Your Hair For Two Months?



I love Adele. I don’t care that I’ve been listening to her album for months on end and I’ll never tire of Rolling In the Deep, no matter how many times my ‘hipster’ friends admonish me. And it’s no secret I loved her Grammys look so much that I had a colour custom made to replicate her look. But I was shocked to discover in a 2008 issue of Glamour Magazine that mentioned she only washes her hair with water; and only uses soap every two months or so. I’m all for extending a blow out and not using traditional cleansers, but for two months?

I’m no stranger to trying to go as long between washings as possible. I hate the whole process of washing and drying my thick, long hair. After the second day of not washing it, I don’t even really need dry shampoo any more. My hair just goes with it. Hot rollers one day, an up do the next. A top knot on the fourth day and by the fifth day, I’m ready for a good wash. And always with a sulfate-free cleanser.

Is there any harm to not cleansing your hair? I suppose it depends on your hair. If your hair is oily, then the Adele method certainly isn’t going to work for you. Excess sebum will cause your strands to limp along, not to mention potentially opening your face up to unwanted acne from the extra oil. If your hair is on the dry side, you might actually miss the extra hydration conditioners bring the the party. However, if you want to give it a go, here are my suggestions for having hair the Adele way.

1. When you rinse your hair with water, be sure to give your scalp a really good scrub with your nails.

2. Rinse your hair for twice as long as you think you might need to after the aforementioned scrubbing. The better job of rinsing you do, the more of the excess dust, dirt, oils and oogies will leave your hair.

3. Finish with a cold rinse. This will impart extra shine into your tresses by closing the cuticle and leaving your hair smooth.

4. To avoid damaging your ends, try adding a bit of huile to wet hair starting at the mid-shaft and down to your ends. Leonor Greyl makes an amazing huile De Palme that isn’t full of silicones. Just use a touch of it in your mid-shaft to nourish ends and keep your hair from getting into a sensitised state. Not sure you want to try an oil? Try L’Occitane’s Repairing Serum for Dry or Damaged Hair. It’s more of a lotion than an oil, smells fantastic and leaves hair feeling soft and healthy.

Could you (or should you) give up washing for the health of your hair? I don’t think there is a blanket wrong or right answer. You know your strands best!

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