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Interview: Victoria Baker-Harber, Made in Chelsea


Victoria Baker-Harber, 23, Made in Chelsea cast member and designer of Elle en Jette swimwear.

“I just have to say…I love beauty samples! The She Said Beauty Box is such a good idea. Everyone is always looking for their next favourite product. In hotels, sometimes you will stumble on that serendipity…that perfect product! I found REN‘s Rose Water Toner in a hotel once, and I am obsessed with it.

Over time, I have found face products I love. I think La Prairie‘s cellular products are so brightening. They make an instant change in your skin. My mum is Australian and loves to support Australian brands, so I’ve been turned on to Natio‘s skincare, too. It helps that the moisturiser has SPF 15. I always wear sunscreen. Sun hits your skin every day and it’s the times we’re not at the beach and stuff where I think sun damage will really happen. In general, I’m becoming more aware of natural products, no additives, no genetically modified things as much as I can. I was actually recommended this supposed Egyptian ritual of coffee granules (I take mine from my Nespresso), honey and olive oil as a face mask. It really works! You have a really warm glow afterwards.

For make-up, my foundation will be either Clinique‘s Superbalanced or Tom Ford‘s Traceless Foundation. Tom Ford’s is more dewy, but the producers felt it made me look too shiny on camera. I think foundation needs to change depending on how your skin feels, and you definitely need to change the colour of your foundation for different times of the year. I also have Estee Lauder‘s Doublewear Concealer in two colours. I use the lighter shade to brighten under the eyes and the other for any face blemishes.

For eyes, I think Chanel palettes – Les 4 ombres - are the best. I carry around neutral shades in my makeup bag and I don’t need anything else but kajal eyeliner. I use the Arabic kajal…you can get find it everything, like from Church Street Market. I mum has used it for years and it’s like a permanent line on her eyes now. I tend to think cheap mascara cheap is better, as well. I carry around this Chanel Mascara because of the brush, but I think Million Lashes is just as good.

My eyebrows are big, but I love a bit of scouse brow. (laughs) I think when you’re a bit tired filling them in makes such a big difference. I have Rimmel‘s brow pencil at the moment. I think Shiseido is the best, but I keep forgetting to buy a new one!

I feel like I have been looking for a perfect “nude lip” forever, and it only recently occurred to me that maybe clear gloss is all I really want? (laughs) I hate lipgloss getting stuck to my hair, though, so I am careful about what I use. I love Molton Brown lip stuff and Vaseline just for hydration, I also really like Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.

I’ve learnt what looks good on me by experimenting. It’s funny, people will comment on my makeup and call me a “tranny” or something on Twitter, but I used to wear much heavier make-up. My biggest beauty mistake has probably been using too many products on my face. I feel like it really strips your skin, like the more you wash the more your skin reacts.

I don’t actually like working with make-up artists. On photo shoots, I always end up feeling like they don’t know my face like I know my face. I just like the way dark eyes look. Smokey browns…the kajal…the kajal is culturally supposed to protect you from the evil eye, anyway! I will even wear eye makeup on the beach. Liquid waterproof liner on top, it’s perfect.

Since I was young, I have rarely used ‘products’ in my hair except Batiste. I wash with L’oreal Elvive and will style it with cheap Vidal Sassoon rollers. I don’t straighten my hair. I burnt myself when I first tried and then decided…never again. Same with cutting. I never cut my hair!

I used to do a lot of treatments, actually. Derma rollers, fruit acid peels – Harrods does the best range of treatments! I’ve just been lazy, recently. The thing I always do is my waxing at Fe on Kendal Street. They’re no-nonsense, quick, and never overpriced. It’s like ten minutes and you’re out. I haven’t really been exercising recently, either. I know I’m skinny, but I’ve gained weight. Spin class is so good but it’s like 45 minutes of hell. (laughs)

Filming puts more pressure on you. I don’t think I look good on camera and it makes me self-conscious. You know when you hear your voice on a message and it’s “UGH!”? It’s 100 times the pressure when you’re filmed. Then, I’m edited as “The Bitch” on top of it.

The show has changed our lives a lot. I said no to the first season, actually, but it has presented everyone more opportunities than just TV. I’m in no way fame-hungry. I was really skeptical at first and told everyone I would never showcase my relationship on TV. With the show, FHM will ask us to pose for them or something, and I won’t go down that route. I find it tasteless.

I’m much more interested in a Lana del Rey thing than a FHM thing. She has this old charm that no other celebrities have. She’s like the 2012 female equivalent of Marlon Brando or James Dean. I love it.

It’s strange, but I was kind of a tomboy when I was younger. When I was 16 I used to bite my nails and had a boyfriend who was six years older and told me I had “horrible hands”. That sort of thing sticks with you. I’m a total perfectionist – especially about my cuticles and nails – and always think about what I would change on other people in my head. Like, “your upper lip is so small! Plump it up!” (laughs)

That’s probably another beauty ritual I have, actually. One manicure a week at Chloe’s Nails on Kings Road or Fabulous Nails an Blandford Street. Both are Vietnamese and they have the nail thing down!

I also have a lot of supplements: antioxidants, selenium, biofirm, apple cider vinegar, vitamin E, vitamin B12…not saying I take them all at once! When I take too many, it makes me feel sick. But, you know, best intentions. (laughs)”

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