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5 Small Time Budget Secrets


The drugstore is a dangerous place – everything is so affordable, yet there is much less information available to you than department stores and there are a LOT of products to choose from. The hit and miss rate of lower-end make-up and beauty products must be immense! That’s why we’re here to give you a low down on some of the cheapest but fool-proof products out there!

1. E.L.F Complexion Perfection Powder
For us oily girls, a nice, finely milled, uncakey, mattifying power is hard to find. Look no further, as the  kings of budgeting beauty - Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics - have come out with this wonder: the Complexion Perfection Powder. Split into 4 shades, this product is meant to counteract any discolourations your skin, whilst providing a matte finish. It’s meant to be transparent, but it does cast a slight lighter tone once you dust it, so it’s best for the paler days of the year! With sturdy packaging, a nice big mirror, and at only £3.50 – you can’t go wrong.

2. Mavala Nail Polishes
At first application, you’d think Mavala nail polishes would be in the price brackets of high-end polishes like OPI, Essie and Deborah Lippmann – but fear not, because you get the same quality with these little bottles of joy, that will set you back a mere £4.10. With a stunning shade range, frequent new collections, easy application brushes, intense pigment and a quick-dry formula, what more could you ask for?!

3. Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist
For the flat iron addicts out there, these tools can take its toll on our hair. In addition to the hair spray styling often requires, you can have a LOT of build up in your hair. Why not just use one cheap product? Available from drugstores at £5.89, this Lee Stafford protection mist not only protects your hair, but makes your style last much much longer than it otherwise would. Are you a curling tong addict? No worries, because despite the deceptive name, this works equally as well for your beloved curls! Another plus to this product? It smells slightly like Theirry Mugler’s Angel!

4. The Body Shop DeoDry Deodorant Roll-On
Deodorants aren’t notoriously expensive, but finding one under £2 is not as easy as it may first seem. That’s where the Body Shop comes in – why spend more money on can after can, or stick after stick, if you can be eco-friendly at the same time? These deodorants from the Body Shop come in 3 scents, and are aluminum salts and paraben-free. They come in sticks or roll-ons, so that you don’t harm the environment with aerosol sprays. The best part? They’re £2.50 for your first stick, but if you choose the roll-on, you can  buy replacement cartridges once you are finished with your first bottle for just £2. Like we said – not many deodorants are out there for less than £2! Save and be eco-friendly – how much better can it get?

5. MUJI Face Brush
Electronic face brushes seem all the rage this year – but don’t have the £120? No worries, this MUJI Face Brush is as good as! It retails for £3.95, and yes your arms will probably require more work (muscle potential?), but the results are there! It helps to exfoliate and therefore brighten your skin, whilst lifting those dreaded under-the-skin spots to the surface so they can start to heal. For 1/30th of the price, it’s worth a shot atleast!

So there you have it. The drugstore isn’t so daunting afterall! Next time you’re on the high street or a bit skint, we hope these beauties will help you out – they wont be money wasted, trust us!

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