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The Lust List: 10 Luxury Beauty Brands and Their Best Products


We all love a good budget beauty buy. But, on the other hand, there are those luxury beauty brands and their star products that are worth their eye-popping price tag. Because, to put it simply, these products deliver all their prettifying promises…

1. For those of you looking to quell that mad mane into mar-free hair, Truffle by Fuente’s organic Shampoo and Reconditioner Collection, £275, 250ml per bottle, will give a beauty-inducing bespoke result to each specific hair type. How? Using an other-worldly ingredient: meteorite dust. Meteorites removed from the earth’s sea have the minerals our hair needs, so naturally Truffle restores what our hair lacks. After all, it’s called the world’s first self-thinking shampoo and conditioner. Along with diamond dust for shine and white truffle skins for moisture, this expensive beauty product will take your hair from dry to deliciously moisturised, from viciously flat to volumised or from damaged to divine… You’ll never have to spend time looking for hair product for your hair type again. You can find Truffle by Fuente, the luxury beauty product for luxe locks, in store and online at Urban Retreat beautique.

2. What expensive beauty product list would be complete without a little gold: Oribe 24k Gold Pomade, £94, 100ml, Creating rich, gorgeous gold highlights, this styling product, perfect for sleek updos, strengthens your hair with pro-vitamin B5 and protects with UV filters.

3. Weighing just under a pound, SEDU’s Revolution 3600i Lightweight Ionic Styling Dryer, £150,, is a tool that bestows beauty pro-like talent. Its ionic technology breaks water into smaller molecules the hair can easily absorb, creating more hydrated shafts. Generating far-infrared heat, the ceramic and tourmaline heater allow the hair to dry from the inside, preventing over-heated cuticles and breakage. This dryer is the luxury way to live a frizz-free lifestyle.

4. A Swarovski crystal-studded delight (2553 crystals to be exact), the limited-edition C2 Crystal Styling Iron from Corioliss, £457.98, spoils your hair and itself in expensive shine. With a digital remote control to set the ideal temperature and even heat technology expansion on the plates, it straightens without the tell-tale damage. Apart from being sleek and lightweight, it has the world’s first automatic 30-minute sleep mode. It’s truly a bejewelled luxury beauty product must-buy. Available at

5. To quell those pangs for an expensive cleansing product for sensitive skin, Sisley’s Soapless Foaming Cleanser, £60, 115g,, is the perfect way to leave your skin comfortably clean. All it takes is a few circular motions with the wet brush to build a soft foam, filled with lush sunflower oil, shea butter and more.

6. Next on our luxury list is a product for the eco princess in you that will give skin an oomph that’s completely organic: Bioeffect EGF anti-aging Serum, £125, 15ml.  Its barley-derived EGF (epidermal growth factor), which is found in human skin, repairs skin cells and increases their turnover for more smoother skin now. It’s like rewind button back to more radiant days. Your skin will be so comfortably moisturised there is no need for an additional cream. And because the barley is grown using renewable energy and because it has eight other natural ingredients, this luxury beauty product is the ultimate organic wonder.  Buy Bioeffect at Boots.

7. Well worth its price because it works, iS Clinical Super Serum Advance, £112, 30ml, is the multi-tasking marvel. It increases collagen production, lightens age spots and acne scars and more. Using natural ingredients, such as brightening mushroom extract, this expensive super serum evens hyperpigmentation in age spots and acne scars and lightens the skin overall. Plus, it can reduce the look of those pesky stretch marks so you can even use it on your body, too. But the real anti-aging star ingredient is a plant called Centella asiatica. Its super healing properties, including quelling inflammation and rebuilding collagen, were discovered when the founder of iS Clinical saw tigers rubbing their wounds on this plant, during a trip to India.

For under eyes (the age-prone zone), iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex, £139, 30ml, delivers  immediate, intermediate and long-term radiant results. Using iNNOVASE, a beautifying mixture of anti-oxidants, growth factors, hydrators and more, the under eye cream holds all the moisture to plump wrinkles from within, exfoliates gently and boosts up collagen and elastin. And it’s better than concealer because it brightens under eye skin instantly.

Available at and

8. Philip Martin’s Italian Organic Lifestyle Organic Candle Body Cream, £39.95, 0845 458 2825 or, does double-duty as both a luxury ambience-inducing candle and a seducing body cream. Available in four scents, Tropical Breeze, Orange Juice, Marine and Liquorice & Cinnamon, this soy-based candle melts into a luxury beauty product, body cream. After the candle has been lit, scoop out the warm body butter with the spatula and spread its anti-oxidant goodness on yourself or someone special. The perfect pleasure for Valentine’s Day.

9. There are beauty glosses for your hair so here’s one for your hands. Carol Joy London’s IV A Touch of Hand Silk Gloss, £120, 10ml, is like an expensive pair of invisible silk gloves. It seals in all the luxury ingredients in, such as golden millet, and keeps all the skin-damaging elements out with its UVB filter. Just put one drop on each hand. Get this heavenly-hand gloss at Urban Retreat beautique.

10. Last on our lust-after luxury list is Clive Christian’s No.1 for Women, the world’s most expensive perfume, £2,700, 30ml, and the most expensive beauty product on our list. What makes this perfume the ultimate in luxury is that only 1000 are produced each year and it bears Queen Victoria’s crown because of its rare and exotic ingredients and beautiful design. Boasting the scents of ylang-ylang at the heart, cherry-liquorice scented Tahitian vanilla and rosa centifolia, associated with the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, this divine perfume is encased in a crystal bottle with a brilliant-cut diamond and wrapped in a silk scarf for the spoil-your-senses experience. Indulge in No.1 at Urban Retreat beautique.

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